Scenario - Power

Suitable for low-speed vehicles, electric two-wheeler, construction machinery (such as heavy trucks, forklifts), special vehicles (such as electric sanitation vehicles, fire trucks, sightseeing vehicles), etc., low cost and high energy density make sodium-ion batteries the best choice for the above applications.

Scenario - backup power

Focusing on communications, finance, transportation, healthcare, government, power supply and other fields, sodium-ion batteries can operate in a wider temperature range and provide long-term power supply, which can provide security for the normal operation of the digital energy field.

Scenario - Energy Storage

In the direction of the energy Internet, relying on high-safety, low-cost, and long-life sodium-ion cells, energy storage can play a higher role in the whole life cycle of social and economic benefits.
Focusing on battery technology innovation
to drive green energy development
About Us

Founded in 2022, Paragonage is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, production and sales of sodium-ion batteries and module. The company's sodium-ion battery system has a complete layout of models, and has designed and developed products with different application directions, such as high energy density, long cycle, high power, etc., covering cylindrical cells, Prismatic cells, and Pouch polymer cells, which can be effectively applied in energy storage (including industrial and commercial energy storage and household energy storage), communication base stations, UPS, start-stop, engineering machinery, low-speed electric vehicles, military industry and other fields.


Years of industry experience accumulation
Source innovation

Provide high-quality products
And services

Product customization
Providing high-quality products to the world

Innovative technology layout patents
Having strong technological barriers

Starting the basic theoretical research on SODIUM-ION-BATTERY

Initiate company with VISION GROUP

Angel round investment

Pre-A round of investment

From 2023 to 2024, the organizational system will be improved, the pilot line will be put into operation, and the construction of the first phase of mass production line will be launched.

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  • 2022.10
  • 2023.05
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  • 2024
Paragonage X-Star

High energy density battery cells

Low internal resistance of the battery,

high energy conversion rate,

and small overall weight

Paragonage X-Dragon

High power battery cell

Low internal resistance,
Good rate performance and low overall weight.

Paragonage X-Mount
Adopting unique battery process
Max cycle life of 6000 times after 80% DOD
Safety performance improvement
Excellent cell consistency
Paragonage X-Star
Paragonage X-Dragon
Paragonage X-Mount
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